Invitation Styles

Panel Pocket

Panel Pocket

The panel pocket is the most simple pocket. It has a panel front and pocket on the back to hold inserts and RSVP card/envelope. This is a clean and functional design that makes a statement without the need for any embellishments.

    • Invitation is mounted on the front
    • Inserts, response card, and response envelope are inserted in the pocket on the back.


Pocket Fold

The possibilities are endless with this option. Choose between 5 different folding pocket designs and tie it all up with your choice of embellishments.

    • Invitation is mounted inside the pocket fold Colored mat (optional)
    • Inserts, response card, and response envelope are inserted in the pocket
    • Embellishments available to keep pocket closed such as twine, bakers twine, ribbon or belly band. Custom tag optional.



Layer all the pieces of your invitation suite and bundle them together with a belly band or a pretty bow, or for even more detail, include a tag with a custom monogram or your wedding date.

    • Invitation, inserts, response card, and response envelope are layered on top of each other and bundled with ribbon, twine, bakers twine, or a belly band.
    • Custom tag optional.